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My Friends here

Driving California

It came at my hand, and three years passed.There was hardly a trouble for this time though this mileage of three years was about 11000KM. But, some parts deteriorate, and they are replaced this time. It decides seem to do.It shakes when hindge of the trunk cover is cut off and a cover is emptied.

It left for long-awaited Hakone. Hakone is pleasant winding road where is close to Tokyo.It ran with remembering the time when it going to Hakone for the first time with Elise three years ago.It tried to show fight very much because a big advantage myself had gotten used to Elise recently.It is terrible when this car and needle front overweight come out though it wasn't anxious about the overweight of the reception desk before.It wants the power more!

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[Getting on and off] [Steering] [Switches] [Pedal] [Door] [Front]

[Tale View] [Suspention] [Engine] [Roof] [Roof2]

It is the record of the process that it reaches healing from getting sick of Open light weight sport car syndrome.

[Part 1: It began completely from here] [Part 2: Gloomy days]

[Part 3: Hard days and nights] [Part 4: A decision with courage](Conclusion)



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